Schia Mitchell Sinclair BSc MSc MNIMH

Medical Herbalist

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Schia Mitchell is an Irish Medical Herbalist practising in Cambridge. She qualified as a herbalist in 2000 and has practised in London, Dublin and Belfast before moving to Cambridge in 2006.

As a graduate of the College of Phytotherapy in Sussex, Schia has studied the same basic medical sciences as a doctor, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pathology, as well as the principles and practice of herbal medicine and nutrition. She has an extensive knowledge of natural medicine and herbs, including an understanding of the effects of combining herbs with conventional drugs.

She is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (see Links). She abides by their strict code of ethics and professional conduct. She regularly attends postgraduate training.

Her aim in treatment is always to support the body's own natural healing processes. She takes a holistic approach, taking account of both physical and emotional factors in illness.

Prior to herbal medicine, Schia obtained a Bachelor's Degree in microbiology and a Master's Degree in environmental science. She has also spent time as a manager and environmental mediator in the charity sector.


"As we keep seeking for new magic bullets, new remedies and approaches, we will become aware that the real healing agent is in our own mind and body"

R. Sheldrake