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During the first consultation a detailed case history is taken, including previous medical history, family and social history, details of diet and lifestyle, as well as a comprehensive systems review. Blood pressure and pulse readings will be taken and, in some cases, further examinations or tests, such as hair mineral analysis, may be recommended.

At the end of the consultation, a tailor-made healthcare plan will be drawn up. This can include herbal medicines (in alcoholic tincture, tea, capsule or cream form), nutritional supplements, flower essences, diet and lifestyle recommendations.

It is helpful if the patient can bring to a consultation any information relating to their condition, including information about any pharmaceutical drugs, herbs or food supplements that they may be taking.

Follow-up consultations will usually be required at regular intervals (every 2-4 weeks) during treatment to check on progress and to make any necessary adjustments to the healthcare plan.

Consultation charges are as follows:

Initial consultation (60 minutes): 50
Follow-up consultations (30 minutes): 35

Any remedies prescribed are charged for in addition to the consultation fee.

Time is precious. Please arrive promptly to ensure a full consultation.

Please note that consultations not honoured, or cancelled within 24 hours, will attract a cancellation fee.